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Where are the missing s3x organs?



Recently in Daudu town in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State a bizzare news item made the rounds globally online. For more than two weeks the town had witnessed massive protests over alleged missing (fe)male genital organs. Daudu is a satellite town on Makurdi-Lafia federal highway, mostly inhabited by Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) owing to roaming armed herdsmen attacks on farmers in Guma and Logo local government areas of Benue State.

Following days of unrest caused by allegations of genital disappearances Caleb Ana, the Chairman of Guma Local Government Area in the middle-belt state had imposed a 12-hour curfew on Daudu community. Chairman Ana had said: “The reason we imposed curfew is that the youths in the Daudu community have raised alarm and accused certain persons of removing their genitals; male and female organs.”

There had been cases of lynching, murder and arson linked to the missing male and female reproductive organs at an alarming rate in the neighbourhood. The Pastor-in-Charge of Divine Shadow Church, Daudu, Prophet Uhembe Jacob, had been killed by angry youths over his alleged complicity in missing male organs in the community! Prophet Uhembe’s church and some buildings traced to his close associates were burnt down last week over the same allegation.

Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue State had dismissed rumours of the alleged disappearance of male genitals through mystical powers in the State describing same as “baseless and the handiwork of mischief-makers”. The Governor warned the youths to refrain from resorting to jungle justice while arguing that no one had come forward to prove that their genitals were indeed missing.

But last week monday, the youths mobilized themselves and went on a rampage. They first visited a police station in Daudu and threatened to burn it down accusing one other man whom they beat to a state of unconsciousness of removing someone’s genital organ. Tension rose to a dangerous level, something that led to the imposition of the dusk-to-dawn curfew in the community.

The problem with this kind of superstitious hold on a people is that it could lead to certain commission of crime without the criminals being identified and booked. Whenever jungle justice is unleashed the victims could have died for nothing without any justice being served.

That is why a culture of crude and rude beliefs synonymous with African societies must be discouraged, nay nipped in the bud, by organized social enlightenment and education. Civilisation suffers whenever or whereever superstition prevails.

Apart from irrational beliefs in witches and wizards or mysterious genital removals or other mystical powers flourishing under our abused democratic space one wonders why such dark powers are not utilised by their possessors to advance the development of their communities or humanity at large.

When I was still a teenager decades ago in Benin city, growing to adulthood and doing my higher education, there came a a time when rumours of missing s3x organs took over households and communities leading to lynchings, jungle justice and all manner of superstitious theories and inclinations. On a particular memorable day in the New Benin area of the city a commotion was witnessed at close range involving youths over allegation of a missing penis!

As the ‘victim’ screamed for help over his ‘missing manhood’ some concerned folks took out their frustrations on an innocent Hausa man accused of taking away metaphysically the man’s prick by beating him black and blue. But upon verification it was discovered that the ‘stolen’ penis was very much intact.


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In many African countries (Nigeria inclusive) there is this pernicious superstitious syndrome holding sway. During elective seasons it is not surprising hearing or reading about bizzare tales of missing kids, ritual killings and blood sacrifices for power purposes. Politicians are always desperate for power and this desperation could lead to murder, satanic practices and nocturnal visits to evil shrines and/or fetish enclaves.

Against this backdrop power in Africa in general and Nigeria in particular then becomes a source of grief and grieving. Nigeria boasts of great churches and Pastors, mosques and Imams. Churches are at every nook and cranny of southern cities and towns. Sharia law is practised in many northern states yet our society is never made whole or better by these religious attachments. Rather, we wallow in satanic machinations.

Nigeria remains a country of strange happenings, strange news emanating from different places across the federation. You could hear about heartless parents locking up their children up north for years without food or water! You could hear about parents committing incest! Or about the disbanded SARS or SWAT killing hundreds with impunity! Or the Army pulling the trigger on peaceful protesters killing dozens!

Apart from the intractable leadership morass at the centre poverty has risen to an astronomical level that we are now home to the poorest hopeless souls of the universe! When you add endemic corruption to the mix of arrested development and ubiquitous security challenges then a clearer larger picture of a failed state presents itself hopelessly and helplessly.

Where the hell are the missing s3x organs in Benue state or elsewhere? We cannot for sure answer the question for we have not seen any. Anyone whose genitals are lost or missing lately could come forward for a scientific examination in order for us to be convinced otherwise.

AUTHOR: Ozodinukwe Okenwa…

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