APC Rally: Absence of the Argonauts

APC Rally: Absence of the Argonauts

By Joseph Edgar… The Ondo APC rally has come and gone but the unsaid remains loud in the ears of keen watchers. The Party Leader Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was absent. The three South West APC governors were also absent but the President was present, accompanying him were the National Chairman and the Governor of Ogun State.

I have just read that apologies have been sent, that in fact the National Leader has explained his absence stating that he has been under the weather. I did not see the explanation of the other three. The Governor of Plateau state who doubles as the a chairman of the Ondo APC Governorship campaign council in his thank you visit to the President said the explanations where reasonable and therefore accepted by the party.

Is this is not playing an ostrich game in gargantuan proportions? It can never be a coincidence that all three strategic governors with their leaders all fell down with Cholera at the same time and as such did not attend a strategic campaign on behalf of the party’s ‘anointed’ antidote.

The calabash is broken and I fear it will never be mended. They may try some level of lyric reconciliation but no amount of plater will gum this back. For Akeredolu, I really pity his candidacy for his emergence has anklets as his backers have no foot soldiers on ground, making him to rely on Abuja who have little or no influence in Ondo politics.

Ondo state has always been in contention with the state held firmly by the PDP. So it was a matter of exigency that APC reclaims it and the path to this ambition was further strengthened with the game Jimoh Ibrahim and his colleague with the aide of the judiciary was playing. But alas the primaries became a joke with the very influential party leader coming out to state his disappointment, calling for the Head of his National Chairman. This has led to the devision in the party that may have serious ramifications on how the party will perform in the coming 2019 elections.

I see turbulence in the future, I see a possible prosecution of the national leader for some corruption cases, not to jail him, but to clip his wings and seriously weaken him prior to 2019. I see a realignment of forces and you can see that the Senate President is getting closer to the President and the federal forces are closing ranks. This is the beginning of a civil war within the APC. Will the Asiwaju survive this time?.

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This is not Jonathan. The Asiwaju must really understand this. This is not going to be a gentleman’s battle where Jonathan, being the democrat and soft spoken person. he was left to battle the garrulous Fani Kayode who did more damage to him than to the opposition. This is going to be a war fought with masters of the game who through the Asiwajus aide now control the apparatus of State Power.

I do not see the Asiwaju winning this war with the Lagos State Governor as his key lieutenat. The inexperience of his ally governors will do him in and the defection of esthwlile brilliant strategist like Fayemi and Fashola will further open his flanks. He will have to open up to Fayose who has shown uncommon fearlessness but cannot be controlled. He is a loose canon who will not do the Asiwaju’s bidding during and after the war but will assist him in doing considerable damage to the common enemy especially within the South West.

Starting up a new party will not be a practical option becuase this party will only be a regional platform taking the Asiwaju back to the regional parochialism he was running away from when he formed the coalition. Me think he should stay in the APC and use his legendary scheming to regain control of the party. Like I have said before he needs to get a legitimate position and not continue to fight under the umbrella of a spurious but powerless position of party leader. He remains exposed and open to all sort of attacks in this position.

APC has not lived up to the dreams and visions of its promoters. It has failed the people especially if you look at what is happening with the economy but the truth is that the people are still at least two years away from yearning for purposeful comeback of the PDP and this gives the APC enough time to get their acts together and bring to Nigerians the succor they badly needed when they voted for change



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