Meet robot assistant which helps surgeons with knee operations

Meet robot assistant which helps surgeons with knee operations
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Robots are entering the operating theatre to assist with full knee replacement surgeries.

The robots are designed to help surgeons remove damaged knees with greater accuracy and insert new implants.

Tasmanian orthopaedic surgeon Josh Petterwood is an early adopter of the technology which became available in Australia late last year.

So far he has done more than 30 full knee replacements with the robot.

“So far, so good. We’re finding really accurate results in the operating theatre and making post operative x-rays look straight up and down,” Mr Petterwood said.

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“The patients are certainly finding that they’re up and going into their rehab quickly as well.”

The surgeons map out where the bone cuts will be made based on the patient’s anatomy, and the robot ensures the cutting tool does not stray from the plan.

“What we see now is this is providing sub-millimetre, sub-degree accuracy, and there’s no way that with hand-held instruments — a saw — that we normally use that we can achieve that,” he said.

The robot also helps with the placement of the knee implants.



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