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No one in APC is happy with Nigeria’s current situation —Fayemi



Fayemi Kayode

The Governor of Ekiti State and Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) Kayode Fayemi, has decried the belief that members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) are not worried over the growing spate of insecurity in the country.

Fayemi who spoke on Saturday at the 2021 Pre-Synod Summit organised by the Diocese of Lagos, Anglican Communion, described the insecurity in the country as frightening which has made Nigerians to live in constant fear.

Fayemi added that the various challenges facing the country speaks to the fundamental issue of restructuring and devolution.

“Nigeria has to be restructured in such a manner that more responsibility, more revenue and more accountability must issue from the national to lower levels.

Debunking the strongly held assertion that APC members are not worried about insecurity in the country, Fayemi said:

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“I want to tell Nigerians that contrary to the widely held belief, I don’t know anyone in APC who is committed to public good that is not worried about the situation we have found ourselves in. Nigeria is too big to fail, but Nigeria cannot be managed unitarily.”

Fayemi also used the occasion to advocate for a change of the strategy used in the fight against terrorism.

“This moment calls for sober reflection and system overhaul and restructuring. Organisations like Boko Haram are concerned with establishing state among states.

“The way our security structure is presently organised, it can neither deliver security or safety, it only breeds local resentment to the federal government, which in spite of its relentless efforts to end insecurity, remains unappreciated.

“The response to Boko Haram by the Nigerian state has been largely characterised by kinetic military operations, since it’s clear that the crisis itself is multidimensional, it is obvious that the solution cannot be unidimensional.”

By Isaac Dachen…

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