President Buhari and the rest of us

President Buhari and the rest of us

By Charles Ogbu… The country called Nigeria is currently being subjected to bottom-less ridicule in the eye of the world, not necessarily because it is being ruled by a ghost president but because it is equally peopled by ghost citizens who are deaf, dumb, blind and completely life-less to their basic duties and rights even when they yet breathe. This is a shame, really. A crying shame.

Make no mistake, the fact that Muhammadu Buhari yet retains the title of “president” even when its been proven beyond every reasonable doubt that he is gravely ill and in no condition to even rule himself, is to our collective shame as a people. It is not your place as an employer to prove that your employee is dead or alive. It is your employee who must prove he is alive and in good enough condition to continue working for you. He must do this by reporting for duty. If he is too sick that he must miss work for several months without furnishing you with adequate information about his health, you owe it to yourself to sack such an employee. If you fail to do so, the joke is no longer on the employee but you the employer.

When criminals take over a society, it is not the criminals you should blame because they are only living up to their tag as criminals. It is the police the entire shame should be on because high rate of crime only speaks to the criminal ineptitude of those whose duty is the prevention of crime, the police.

In this case, the roguery of the disaster that is Buhari presidency is a grave indictment on our collective resolve as a people. It testifies to our complacency and political illiteracy. It speaks volume about how mentally retarded we are with regards to our rights as a people under a democracy.

According to John Locke in “The Consent Of The Governed”, a government exists solely by the consent of the governed. In other words, the government of Muhammadu Buhari exists only because you, the citizens allow it. Muhammadu Buhari is nothing but an employee of the Nigerian people. It is you, the citizens that own the government, not the other way round. By electing a few officials to run a govt, you are not relinquishing your powers as citizens. You are only giving some of those powers to the elected to hold IN TRUST and you can withdraw this power whenever you feel that your trust has been abused. Your power as the governed DOES NOT end in the power box. No! There is something called “Residual Power”. You retain the power to dissent whenever you feel your elected representatives have betrayed your trust.

Government is a social contract between the elected officials and the governed. And this contract rests on the principle that the government must ALWAYS protect and defend the peoples’ natural rights -right to life, liberty and property, while the people must obey the law and pay their tax. The moment a government fails in its basic duty of protecting the lives and property of her citizens, such a government has broken her own end of the social contract and as such, has no moral or legal authority to continue to preside over your affairs. You owe no obligation to such a sham masquerading as government.

In a world where honor still hold meaning, a government that has proven incapable of protecting lives and property of her people would voluntarily resign with a heartfelt apology to the citizens for failing in her basic duty.

Now, let’s take a glance at the Muhammadu Buhari government:

As president, Buhari has not just failed woefully in protecting our lives and property, he has played an active role in taking our lives. A government that kills the same people it exists mainly to protect while protecting terrorists (marauding herdsmen and boko haram) it exist mainly to kill is nothing but a rogue government. Following this basic logic, the government of Muhammadu Buhari is a rogue government! It is a murderous government led by a highly vindictive dark hearted death merchant with zero respect to the sanctity of human lives.

As a Nigerian, if soldiers don’t shoot you with the gun bought with your tax money, the police will help them out. If they both fail, don’t rejoice yet because they may just have spared you not out of compassion but out of respect for the principle of Division Of Labour seeing as the marauding herdsmen might just be on their way to correct the “oversight” of the security agencies. And trust me, the president you elected to protect you won’t even say a word. If you push him too much, he would blame you for provoking the security guys the same way he blamed hundredS of Shiites massacred by his own army simply for blocking the convoy of a solider who doubles as the army Chief.

We have swallowed all the lies, deceit and betrayal of this government in quietude. We have watched as Buhari turned the presidency into a tool for senseless vendetta. We all sat speechless and motionless as he continued to run the affairs of over 180million people as though he was running the affairs of his homosexual cows in Daura. All these we have allowed, to our eternal shame.

Now, Muhammadu Buhari wants to rule us even as a Ghost President??? He wants to preside over our affairs even from the land of the half dead. And we are allowing this?? A country of over 180million people is now being ruled by a president whose proof of life no one can vouch for and no one is protesting this???

Are we really under a spell or what?

President Buhari spent number-less months in the hospital with his employers who are paying the hospital bill being treated with criminal disdain as to what ailment this president is suffering from. And we are all maintaining deafening silence?

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For months, the collection of clinical buffoons masquerading as the President’s aides have been trying to outdo each other over who should heap the highest insult on our collective intelligence. While Liar Muhammadu has been living true to his name, ‘Liar’, with regards to Buhari’s true status, Shehu Garba has been doing exceptionally well in his job as the Asorock Chief Clown, for he, it was, who told us that Muhammadu Buhari who officially handed over power to his Vice to act as President, has given his permission for the same acting President to sign the 2017 budget.

This is even as SaharaReporters just revealed that Buhari is down with a medical condition suspected to be cancer and has since lost his memory. According to the online media house, Aisha Buhari was denied access to her husband, Buhari,during her recent visit to the U.K in a desperate bid by Abba Kyari and co to keep Buhari’s health status a top secret.

When a president has not addressed his employers for months, his status is hidden from even his own wife, no one apart from the gang of political terrorists known as the cabal know whether he’s dead or alive. Yet, outrageous salaries and allowances are still being withdrawn in his name and devilish instructions are purportedly emanating right there from the land of the half dead where this president is, then it is time we collectively reach a consensus that all those living within the geographical space this president is laying claim to, deserve to bury their heads in the poo-poo hole of this thing called #Shame!! In a nutshell, all Nigerians should hide their head in shame. Even a small country such as Sao Tome and Principel would never allow a ghost president preside over their affairs. That it is happening here in Nigeria is nothing short of a walking shame. The joke is on us as a people, not on the so called Cabal.

Indeed, it is true that when you push a Nigerian to the wall, rather than fight back, he will break the wall and bury himself therein.

Buhari is the perfect proof that no one really love Nigeria in the real sense of the word. There is not a single patriotic Nigerian. Awolowo was right. Nigeria is nothing short of a mere geographical entity. Nothing more! Pay no heed to those wig-wearing cash-tivists masquerading as lawyers for they speak not out of love for country but out of need to exhibit their near-perfect appreciation of the queen’s language. For them, Ojota is no longer good enough to occupy. Their partners in the pulpit are no different. For those ones, their pigeons no longer fly. And their god who supposedly annointed Buhari is most probably on Omugwo.

So much for the #SaveNigeriaGroup!

Sometimes, I’m tempted to think that mother nature happened Buhari on us just so we could see those men and women we hitherto held in high esteem for the Lilly livered double-faced Brutus they really are.

I will take solace in the fact that no man, no matter how powerful, can make a private bargain with history.

We have allowed history of being ruled by a ghost president from Katsina repeat itself.

This is nothing short of a Deja Vu of the Yar’Adua situation.

We have been fully Yar’Adualized again. To our collective shame!

Like Buhari, Like Yar’Adua!

Nature’s little game on mankind…… Nigerians!

Whether you want a Biafra republic, Oodua, Niger Delta Republic or a Restructured Nigeria, Charles Ogbu has a message for you: You will get neither of those if you don’t join hands to kick those devilish bunch back to the bottomless pit where them came from. Ghost president and ghost Cabal cannot “gift” you with any of the above. Only real government can. Always remember this.

Can we really put behind our petty rivalries and resist these treasonous criminals who have successfully executed a bloodless but deadlier coup against the Nigerian people Or are we gonna keep fiddling like Emperor Nero while the soulless usurpers known as the Cabal keep playing Russian Roulette with our collective destiny and those of our unborn kids??

Time to decide that is now!


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