Scientists discover 30 new genes linked to depression
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Scientists discover 30 new genes linked to depression



Scientists discover 30 new genes linked to depression

A study by a group of researchers published in Nature Genetics reveals the discovery of a total number of 44 new genes that make people more likely to suffer from depression.

The findings throws fresh light into the mental health disorder which can cause sufferers to lose everything from enthusiasm and energy, but also give sufferers hope.

The study involved researchers comparing genetic information from 135,000 people who self-reported depression to 345,000 mentally healthy individuals.

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By seeking out the common gene variants, researchers were able to pinpoint 44 clear points of difference – and most intriguingly of all, 30 of them have never previously been associated with the disorder.

In fact, there’s likely to be many more than just the 44, but even in a study of this size, some will just be too subtle to spot. As Professor Cathryn Lewis, senior author of the study, told The Guardian: “We know that thousands of genes are involved in depression with each having a very modest effect on a person’s risk. There is certainly no single gene for depression.”


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