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Putin signs bill granting immunity to ex-presidents, families



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Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has signed a law granting all former presidents immunity from prosecution and allowing them to become senators for life.

The new law which was signed on Tuesday, came on the heels of sweeping reforms of Russia’s political system initiated by Putin this year.

The law allows the 68-year-old Putin to run for two more terms of six years if he chooses.

The legislation was part of constitutional amendments that were approved in a nationwide vote that allowed the president to remain in office until 2036 instead of 2024 that his tenure would have ended.

According to reports, former presidents were already entitled to immunity from prosecution for crimes committed while in office.

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The new law also grants them lifelong immunity and says they cannot be arrested, searched, questioned or prosecuted.

It also makes it harder for a new government to revoke a former president’s immunity.

The other laws signed by Putin allow the president to name up to 30 senators to the Federation Council, Russia’s upper house, and to join the Council themselves once they have left office.

The bill now requires Putin’s signature to become law, a step that is considered a formality.

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