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Three Kastina youths rewarded for tackling bandits



The Katsina State Government and the state police command have rewarded three youths of the state, for their courage to disarm and kill one of the bandits who initially kidnapped them.

The youths which comprised of two boys and a girl, were also rewarded for returning the AK 47 rifle and a matchet they recovered from the bandits to the police.

The monetary reward was issued by the Katsina Commissioner of Police, Sanusi Buba, on behalf of the state government and the command.

The presentation which took place on Tuesday evening inside the police commissioner’s office, did not allow fanfare, as their names and villages were also not disclosed, because of the safety of the youngsters.

However, those who witnessed the occasion were allowed to see the three youngsters.

According to the commissioner, the youths were initially kidnapped on the farm by the two bandits before they summed up the courage to tackle them (the bandits) and overpowered them.

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He said, “The two bandits who were armed with AK 47 rifle and a matchet initially kidnapped the two young boys and the girl on the farmland. The trio now summed up the courage to tackle the bandits. While one engaged the one with a matched, the remaining two tackled the one with the AK 47 rifle.

“The one who handled the bandit with the matchet later subdued him and he joined the other two to tackle the other bandit with the rifle”.

The AK47 rifle and the matchet recovered from the bandits were also displayed by the commissioner during the occasion.

By Emmanuella Ibe…

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